We Create Environments that Work



1. DISCOVERY – Complimentary!

During this first step of the journey, it’s important to take the time to fully analyze your current situation. In this fact-gathering Discovery phase we will take into consideration circumstances like number of employees, optimum work station set up, meeting room requirements, size restrictions, potential areas of growth, budget, etc. Your wants and needs will be discussed as well.

2. CONSULTATION – Complimentary!

Now begins the meeting of the minds. We will take everything we learned in Step 1 back to the Nolan team. With everyone’s input, including yours, we will form a game plan to get the final outcome you desire. We’ll take a look at the project from all angles and bounce ideas off of each other until a solid plan of action is formed. Once that happens we can move on to Step 3 and start the actual designs!

3. SPACE PLANNING – Complimentary!

In the Space Planning phase, actual layouts are formed to accommodate all pieces of the puzzle. This may include a complex game plan for your full office remodel, or a simple space plan to reconfigure workstations with existing materials. A new space tailored specifically to your needs is coming to life.

4. FINISH SELECTION – Complimentary!

Our interior designers and furniture specialists will help you select all your finishes. Everything from flooring and paint to ceiling tiles and light fixtures. Furniture will also be decided at this time. We are not locked in to using certain vendors, so the sky is the limit for obtaining just the right combination of products for your office. Custom furniture can even be designed for those especially unique situations.

5. RENDERINGS – Complimentary!

Your new space begins to come to life in this phase. Three-dimensional renderings are created and revised until the desired result is achieved. After these layouts are approved, your project moves to the virtual walk-through phase. Nolan utilizes cutting-edge technology to give you the ability to visualize your new space! It’s virtual reality at its finest. No amount of drawings can prepare you as well as a virtual walk-through. This is arguably the most exciting step of the process – seeing all of the planning come together in one life-like experience! Click on the movie below to experience the virtual walk-through.


Nolan works with an outside team of trusted registered architects to create construction documents for your project. These documents are then shared with the general contractor, sub-contractors, building owners, government agencies and other participating organizations for review. These working drawings (10 or 12 pages in length) provide all written and graphic instruction for accurate, consistent and complete understanding of the construction work to be performed. These “go-to” documents provide required data and information for building code compliance, construction, materials, and schedule sequencing. Nolan also has the capability to assist with LEED certification requirements.


And finally, everything comes to fruition in this last step! Once you sign off on the plans, the Nolan team is ready to jump right in and begin the actual remodeling. Furniture will be ordered and construction gets under way. Our team of installers will take the utmost care in putting your new office together while trying to keep the mess and disruption to a minimum. After completion we will convene one more time to review the project and tie up all loose ends. If you’re ready, let’s give your office a whole new look!